First Bebox Review

Sunday, 8 September 2013

When I first heard that a beauty box was being launched for WOC I thought: about bloody time! I love the surprise deliveries of beauty products every month, however I got a little bit fed up of receiving products that I had to give away.
There is another box for black women on the market - Rose Box - however they focus only on hair and as I don't like to change my hair products that often, it's probably not a box for me/ As soon as Bebox launched however, I put in an order straight away. I received my box within 4 days which was pretty speedy - here's what I thought.

Not the most important thing, but first impressions do count. The box was neat and professional looking and included a nice personalised hand written note.

1 - Goodie bag of samples from Mane Divas
2 - Activilong sample sachets: Conditioning Hair Milk and Repair & Style Cream
3 - Face Heal Gel
4 - Skin Silk by Agese Oils

The Mane Divas goody bag was quiet cute and contained two oils - Argan Oil and Coconut and Castor Oil - and a little pot of castor oil hair food

My only complaint would be
No full size products - one of the key selling points of other beauty boxes is that you are usually guaranteed a full or half size product. Often this one large product is worth more than the cost of the entire box, so that makes it feel really special The products in the BeBox were a little on the small size so that was disappointing. However I am a firm believer that products and services aimed at WOC need support from us if they are to succeed, so I'll be sticking with Bebox in the hope they manage to grow and get better. 

Looking forward to receiving box number two!

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