#NaturalHair - Shea Butter Bantu Knot Outs

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Twists outs just ain't for me. I've been playing around with this go to natural style for months now and whilst I liked the effect at first, what I really wanted was something with more volume.
Twist outs always have the tendency to make my hair a little limp, creating more of a wavy side-show bob effect.

I experimented with the Bantu knot out before I even knew it had a name. Here's my method.
  1. Wash and towel dry hair as usual then I oil my scalp with my hair oil mix of castor, rosemary and lavender. 
  2. I then proceed with a head full of twists, moisturising each section of hair with pure shea butter as I go. 
  3. To finish off each twist I wind the strand on itself and tuck the ends under to create the Bantu knot. 

I leave my hair to dry overnight, sleeping with a silk head wrap. In the morning they are completely dry and ready to be taken down. And here's the result.

The is something with more bounce than a traditional twist out as the Bantu knots help to retain my hairs natural spiral shape. My curls tend to fall slightly throughout the week, so after a few days I'm left with a nice wave but with good body. 


  1. Love it! Defo going to give it a try...


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