Body Shop Face Loofahs

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

I forgot that I even owned these. I was rifling through a draw over the weekend and discovered a little beauty purchase that I hadn't used for a while and had forgotten to write about.

These little face loofahs from Body shop are designed to help you wash and exfoliate your face with the addition of just soap and water. For £4.00 it seems like a steal as they are reusable and technically mean you don't need to buy expensive exfoliators.

But deary me, they are tough! I used one on Sunday night before going to bed - the process was not pleasant. I felt like I was using a brillo pad on my face. Seriously, I've used body loofahs that were more gentle than this so I'm not really sure what Body Shop are playing at. I applied my night cream afterwards, however when I woke up my skin felt pretty tender, like I'd been rubbing it with stones!

On the website, they are listed in the men's section (although there is no indication that this is a men's product in-store) which may explain why they are so super tough.

I think I may leave these for Mr BB to use. However I do like the idea of a natural re-usable face scrubber that will save me a few bob on exfoliating washes. Any suggestions?

Face Loofahs from Body Shop - £4.00

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