#PinitForward - The Simple Approach

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Pinterest is officially launching in the UK and they've asked 300 bloggers - including me - to help spread the word by writing posts on how they use the online the pin board. So here goes.

If you regularly read my blog (thanks for your patience) you will know that in recent months/posts I've been trying to take things back to basics. Opting for simple ingredients and basic methods, I've been trying to find the balance between keeping things simple, yet still trying to look half decent. If it has the word 'organic' or 'cold pressed  in the title, it shamelessly goes into my shopping basket, and if it was good enough for my Nan  then I sure as hell am gonna give it a go.

In terms of simplicity, my approach to Pinterest is pretty much the same. My boards are a delicate edit of all the things I truly desire, genuinely admire or really have something to say about. There is no overzealous clicking of the Pin It Button - although I couldn't live without that little 'P' on my tool bar. It lives on every desktop and laptop I own and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

However, if it's going to make it on to one of my boards, it has to be pretty dam special - or so awful that I feel the need to share it with others.

The thing I love about Pinterest is that there are no rules. You can pin more things than a champion wrestler or use it as sporadically as you like. You make the rules. And with the introduction of their secret boards, you can hide your darkest desires and guilty pleasures away from prying eyes. You can curate secret gift lists for friends, or use it to plan a hen night for a particular bride who has a decidedly deceitful way of finding everything out - all of the time (I mention no names!).

Speaking of weddings, I am happy to introduce the next blogger in the #PinItForward blogger series, Sonia from Want That Wedding. A beautiful blog, however be warned, if you're broody for a wedding this will only make you much, much worse

Get involved and Pin as much or as little as your heart desires. Create your account HERE

Pin It Forward UK 2013


  1. Just to say, your blog is fab! x


    1. Thank you. Just discovered yours. It's amazing! Definitely getting added to my reading list.

  2. hello just popping over from the blog hop and first time visitor to your lovely blog, will be having a delve that's for sure, plenty of top tips to be had!


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