Cover Girl Smoothers

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

When I saw this in my September BeBox had no idea that it was a Cover Girl product. The tube just says CG Smoothers and despite once being an avid America's Next Top Model watcher, my brain just didn't make the connection.

I received Brandy Berry, a deep wine red shade with a matte finish that's perfect for Autumn. It feels more like a balm on application as it's so smooth but the colour is pretty powerful from the first slick.

As with most really smooth, non-drying lip colours, they don't tend to have much staying power. But that's fine with me, unless I'm on a night out or at an event, I don't really mind reapplying my lip colour a few times throughout the day.

Would I buy?
I think I would, the colour is real rich and it doesn't dry out my lips at all. However, I can't seem to find them online - there are a few knocking around on Ebay and some on Amazon, but I think it may be a discontinued range. If you see one, snap it up!

Cover Girl Lip Smoothers - Approx £3.99

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