#NaturalHair - The Dumbass Who Put Sulfur In Her Hair

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Sulfur smells bad. So why oh why would you put it into a hair product?

I have never - as a child or as an adult - used a product containing sulfur in my hair. To be honest, when I used to see products boasting that they were 'sulfur free' I didn't really get it. Surely that's the stuff that smells like rotten eggs so why on earth would your product contain it in the first place?

When I saw this bottle of Root2Tip Scalp Hydration Serum in my Glowwbox I was eager to try it out. Granted, I didn't read the ingredients. FAIL. All I read was the front of the bottle which said it contained castor oil, rosemary and olive oil. I got super excited as this was pretty similar to the castor oil formula I mixed up a while back, so thought my hair might like it.

After the second application - bear in mind I'd been wondering why I smelled like rotten eggs for a full week already - I decided to read the ingredients and there it was. SULFUR.

Sulfur is meant to repair your scalp, therefore promote hair growth, however I'm not sticking around long enough to find out if this actually works. It smells foul, I'm out. If anyone likes using sulfur in their hair, holla and you can have my bottle for free!

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