Akoma- Posh Shea Butter

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Akoma Shea Million is probably best described as posh shea butter. I received a tin in my September Glowwbox and it was one of the first things I wanted to try.

Raw shea butter is grainy and lumpy so can take some working between the hands before applying it to hair/body. Akoma have taken the hard work out for you by producing this extremely soft and smooth, 100% natural, fairtrade certified organic shea butter. It comes with this cute little spatula that you can use to scrap the butter out - perfect for those whose nails ain't made for working!

Other than the softness, it's pretty much the same as any shea butter you've ever used.

Would I buy it again?
Probably not, whilst the butter is undeniably smooth and the tin is really cute, it's not worth the money. My 227g tub of shea butter cost my £3.99 from Beauty Queens, but Akoma charge £4.71 for a 50ml tin. And I'd blatantly loose the spatula. Will definitely be taking it on holiday with me though - very handy for that!

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