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Friday, 27 September 2013

I love the story of this brand. It was created by Emma Agese who wanted to give women hair and skin products which were free from chemicals which could be potentially damaging to them and the environment. Nuff said, I'm in, so I was pretty happy to find a sample of their Skin Silk body in my August Bebox.

What's it made of? 
Skin Silk is a 100% natural blend of apricot, avocado, olive, vitamin E and various citrus oils. 

Pretty thick. I'd say it's in between olive and castor oil so I found it quite difficult to work into my body. I imagine you'd use a lot of this oil to get all over coverage. I'm used to coconut oil which is quite runny in texture so spreads very far

Quite a heavy, citrus scent. Maybe too powerful for summer but as it's getting cooler it's perfect for the current clime. The scent lasted a few hours too which is nice and unlike coconut oil which fades away within the hour.

Would I buy?
Unfortunately not. For the price I don't see any benefit in using this over coconut oil. I like the amount of attention and detail they've put into creating the product, however I don't think my body needs it. I would be interested in trying their face oil though.

Agese Skin Silk 100ml - £29.99

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