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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

I bought this as an emergency oil. The plan was to get something that I could keep in my bag and use to refresh my hair if it needed it. Like those days when your twists outs won't play nice, or when someone wants to meet for last minute drinks and your hair could do with extra shine. It's been in my bag for a few weeks now and I've pulled it out three or four times for a quick fix up.

After months of using Castor Oil in my hair, I did find this oil pretty thin. However it is very light, so works for a quick fix when you don't something too heavy.

Added an ok amount of shine - could have done with a bit more to gloss over bad hair days.

Moisture locking...
I tried this to refresh my twists outs a few fridays ago before going out after work. I sprinkled a little water onto my hair (would have worked better with a spray bottle but I don't carry one of those around!) then ran this oil through the twists to help redefine the shape. It worked well enough to get me through the night without my hair drying out too much.

Active Ingrediants...
Argan oil.

Not too bad, not great. Doesn't linger.

On the go...
The size is great, it comes with a pump and a secure cap so you don't need to worry about an oil spill happening in your bag.

I'll defiantly keep this in my bag until it runs out, however I'm not opposed to testing something else out once it's done. Anyone got any miniature oil bottles they rely on?

got2be oil-licious by swchartzkopft - £4.05 at Superdrug.

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