Avon and Gosh AW13 Press Day

Thursday, 18 July 2013

I've not been to a press day for a while, I've been invited to a few, but I only tend to go if I feel there really is something there for me to learn or if I'm genuinely intrigued by a brand. As much as I love beauty stuff, I'm not really a fan of hoarding loads of free samples just for the sake of it

Gosh AW13
I decided to head to the Gosh AW13 press day as I knew they already did a range of BB creams that went darker than your usual drugstore options. I was hoping to see that they had expanded on this to include more shades. There were no BB creams but I was pleased to find a range of CC illuminating foundations in a range of shades however their darkest, 06 Golden just about worked for me - I took a quick snap of me wearing it- I've also got on a bit of the BB concealer pallettes that Gosh do. This wall all done by the make up artist

It was a shame to not see it taken further. While I was there I quizzed their makeup artists on why they didn't go darker. We had a nice conversation, where I vented about not being able to find drugstore options for all shades and brown and she totally agreed, saying that she'd been pushing for it for years and was going to keep on pushing!

Other than that there was a definite focus on metallics - both shiny, glittery and dull tones. There were also some amazing glitter nail varnished which gave a proper coating of glitter rather than the sporadic smattering you usually get - was a shame not to leave with a sample of those to be honest. There were also a new set of primers and an eyebrow kit that I want to try.

Avon AW13
This was a little bit of a Brucey bonus as the Avon press day was being held in the same building so we were invited to drop in after we'd visited Gosh. The main thing to say about Avon is COLOUR POP! The team have focused on making all of their products, from lip crayons to eye shadows and lipsticks highly pigmented. They've got a range of punchy eye shadow pallets with instructions on how to create the perfect smokey eye, and a beautiful golden set that I can see myself using this winter

They've also got a couple nifty gadgets such as this crazy new mascara.

I was lucky enough to pick up some goody bags so full reviews of individual products will come shortly.


  1. So frustrating that brands are not doing darker shades...still. Anyway intrigued by that mascara!

    1. I know, these brands really need to start upping their game! The mascara was crazy, I love a gadget so it was right up my street x


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