#BrownBeauty Bloggers Chat

Monday, 10 June 2013

I missed the launch of this new Twitter chat as it was my birthday so a glass of wine by the BBQ took first place over my love of beauty products. However from looking at the catch up, it looks like I made the wrong choice! The first talk focused on Black and Asian women who had their own beauty companies. It was great to see brands and entrepreneurs involved in the conversation as good honest feedback and advice from us consumers is the best way to get the products we want and need on the market. Check out Officially Natural for a really good rundown of what was discussed.


I'd love to see the grow and become a regular Sunday night thang so I'll certainly be throwing my 2 cents in next week. And the fact that the hashtag is the same name as my blog? Well that's just a Brucey Bonus!

See you there next Sunday!

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