Yana Cosmetics - Foundation Review

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Yana Cosmetics refer to themselves as the 'Authority On Multi Ethnic Make-Up'. They've got a selection of blushers, nail varnishes and lip glosses, however their stand out collection is the foundation range which come in 13 different shades spanning the spectrum of light to dark skin tones.

The downfall with ordering products online is that you can never tell the true shade or consistency. Yana have a fun shade guide which links their products to celebrities- check it out HERE - and you can order a few sample pots to test out which shade works for you. When I first opened the cute little tubs, I thought there was a mistake - surely they had sent me the same shade twice. When I put the product on my hand, I could see a slight difference - number 6 seemed to blend into my hand a little more so I thought that was the one for me. (Lighting in this pic isn't great)

Testing them on my face however - which is much darker than my hands - number 7 was a much better fit. The consistency of the foundation is quite thick, I found it easier to mix with a little moisturiser to loosen it up before applying. This also gave me the light coverage I was after.

I've been using the foundation for a little under a week now and I'm pretty impressed. My skin looks bright and even, and the foundation stayed put pretty much all day. I much rather having a product that I can mix with moisturiser for light coverage or use alone for more coverage if required.

A few improvements I'd like to see
Ingredients - The website doesn't list what's in the product, which can be tricky if you're trying to avoid certain ingredients.
SPF - I like to wear SPF on my face and lips everyday. I like it even better if my daily moisturiser, cosmetics or lip balms contain it.
Moisture - Whilst it looked great, my face did feel a little dry by the end of the day so I have to remember to moisturise well before applying. Would be good if it provided a bit more moisture.

For the price it's definitly worth ordering a sample or two to see how the products work for you.

Yana Cosmetics Foundation Samples - £1.50

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