Product Lust: Nail Lacquer

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

As I've written time and time again, when it comes to nails, I really can't be bothered with base and top coats. I'm normally doing my nails in a hurry/on the bus (sorry for the smell) so don't really have time to be thinking of protecting my polish. I just pray that it at least gets me through the day, then start the whole process again 48 hours later.

These limited edition dual ended nail lacquers from Elizabeth Arden could just well be the stuff that my lazy dreams are made of.

Available in two shades, these polishes have a beautiful pop of colour at one end and, what is described as, 'a gel like top coat' at the other. Perfect to pop in the bag for those times you need to give yourself a last minute manicure - which is in my case, most days. Why has no-one done this before? We've had duel ended lip-glosses, mascaras and eye-liners spilling out of our make-up bags for years!

As well as this teal colour, the US website also lists a lovely, dusty lilac type hue too. According to today's Stylist magazine, these beauts will be £14.00 when they go on sale here.

These are definitely on the pay day wish list

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