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Monday, 8 April 2013

I wouldn't usually do a perfume post as you can't really tell if you'll like a scent until you whiff it. But this shop is so cool, I had to write about it.

Gorilla Perfume create hand made scents using proper ingredients.  The brand focus on scents and scents alone. There are no celebrity endorsements, no over the top bottles and no fashion houses sticking their name on a bottle to make a quick buck. The perfumes don't even come in boxes, the just get popped into a little brown bag and you're one your way.

I picked up a perfume oil called inhale which can be used on the body, in a oil burner, in a bath - pretty much anywhere you like. It's a citrusy, heady, smoky, hippy scent that makes you want to breath in deep and relax.

I also grabbed 25:43, another citrusy scent full of lime and lemongrass with an undertone of vanilla and tonka (I have no idea what tonka is but it smells amazing). It's starts off quite sharp, so it's good for keeping me awake on the morning commute, then ends with a sweeter note as the vanilla comes through.

The prices are surprisingly good too, the perfume oil cost around £18.00 whilst the perfume was approx £26.00  for 30ml - I can't remember the exact prices and I've thrown away the receipt - sorry!

I probably picked two of the most boring bottles in the shop, however many of their ranges come in simple bottles with really cool comic strip style labels. Here's a snap of one of my fave label  it's a cute doodle of the sun as a lollipop - just a shame I wasn't in love with the scent.

You can buy some of their products in some Lush shops, but I'd definitely recommend paying the shop on Rivington St, London a visit it you get the chance. They've got a wider range there and the staff really know what they're talking about so take their time in finding you your perfect scent.

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