How To Use Coconut Oil

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Every now and then I have an ever so small panic about all the chemicals we put in and onto our bodies on a daily basis. Whether, it's moisturisers, cosmetics, hair products or perfume, we all probably dowse ourselves in a lot of chemical action before we even leave the house.

In my latest 'episode' I had a little think about the moisturisers which I slather on head to toe, everyday and thought there may be a better way to do it. Enter coconut oil for skin.

I ordered Fushi's pure organic (Soil Association approved), unrefined, cold pressed coconut oil from Feel Unique. On first inspection the oil looks pretty solid, however it melts on contact with skin, quickly turning into the oil you expect. The pics below were taken over around 30 secs

It absorbs into the skin after a few moments, so you're not left with that super high gloss finish you get with some oils. The benefits of coconut oil for me are all day moisture and a bit of piece of mind that I'm using something totally natural, unrefined and organic. The smell as you apply it is pretty nice too.

Warning - If you're a fan of the lovely sweet coco-nutty scent you get in hair products and other moisturisers, this is not it. This is a pure I just cracked open a coconut kinda scent which is lovely, but made me realised just how distorted my view of coconut really was. Shame on me. However the scent only lasts an our or so.

Top Uses For Coconut Oil
If you want a multi-purpose coconut oil for internal and external use, make sure you get something that is unrefined and ideally cold pressed. Fushi's oil ticks these boxes but I'm sure other ranges do too. Here's what you can do with it:-

Sealing Hair Ends - Lock moisture into dry ends with a small amount of oil
Scalp Treatment - Promotes a healthy scalp
Facial Moisturiser - Sinks in quickly, however may be risky for those prone to oily skin
Cooking - As a cooking oil
Supplement - Thought to kick start the metabolism, some people take a small amount orally a few times a week.
Massage Oil - Great for a smooth relaxing massage
Make Up Remover - The oil breaks down waxy make-up pretty well

I was hoping this would last me a while, but Mr BB (who never usually moisturises btw) has also taken a particular shine to this product. It's definitely a keeper.

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