#NaturalHair - How To Do Flat Twists

Friday, 8 March 2013

I read that flat twists are a great protective style for your hair. As I've just begun a castor oil challenge I figured I should look after my hair as much as possible to give it a fighting chance, so I decided to give it a go.

Flat twist are a great 'end of week' style for me as my hair starts to loose it's shape from my weekend wash and set. The best way to describe flat twists are as two strand cornrows, you get a similar effect to cornrows, but the twist have a bit more volume so can be manipulated into different shapes.

Here's my first attempt!

After doing a full head of flat twists I pulls them to the side and secured with a hair elastic and pins.

Et voila! Style lasted all day


  1. Thanks for this, so so pretty! need to try something like this :)

    Follwing you on she said beauty and blog lovin :D


    p.s. enjoyed browsing your blog, your theme makes it so easy!

    1. Hey Chantelle,

      Glad you like my blog, thanks for following! Flat twists are so easy to do you should definitely give them a try.

      I'll check out your blog too. Speak soon



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