Sure Compressed Deodorant

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

I always keep a mini bottle of deodorant in my bag for emergencies. But to be honest it's always annoyed me how much they cost. A miniature bottle of Dove original deodorant for example, can set you back over £1.00 which I crazy when you can get a full sized bottle for the same price. (especially if you frequent the pound shop as much as I do).

I am definitely loving these Sure compressed deodorants. The standard 150ml bottle (large bottle in the pic) has been compressed into a 75ml bottle. by the powers of science the contents of the compressed bottle will last you just as long as it's bigger counter part.

These handbag sized bottles are perfect for carrying around all day and are more purse friendly than buying a stream of travel sized cans. Money saving, space saving, everyone's a winner!

Sure Compressed Deodorants - from £1.39

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