#NaturalHair: Twisted Sista Review Part 1

Friday, 22 February 2013

Twisted Sista products claim to tame the frizz and define the curls of twisty headed sista’s across the land! There have been a few mixed reviews on these products with some naturals claiming they did nothing for them in terms of defining curls. Others have suggested that these products may be more suited to curly hair in general, rather than afro hair in particular - the images of the girls on the bottles do suggest this - so I wanted to give them a go to see how they'd work on my type 4A hair.

I tested the De-Frizz Shampoo, Conditioner and the Different Strokes Serum on a blow dry last weekend. As you can see from the pic, the shampoo won a prestigious Hair Magazine Award - however it was for the Shampoo Under £5 category, rather than anything actually related to curly hair. 

Here’s what I thought of the wash and co
Scent – Delicate watermelon scent, I'm not really a fan of watermelon scented stff, but this one is quite light and not too sweet, so it’s OK.
Lather – Shampoo worked up a good lather so a small bit went a long way.
De-tangling – The conditioner is quite thick so doesn't have as much slip. De-tangling took a bit more effort but was achievable.   

Then I moved on to the blow dry, I sectioned the hair as usual and applied a small amount of the Different Strokes serum from root tip of my towel dried locks. This serum contains argan oil and green tea and claims to make hair more manageable whilst locking in moisture and shine.

Here's what I thought of the serum
Scent - Same light watermelon scent
Consistency - Typical serum thickness, quickly absorbed by hair
Blow Dry Time - Not affected
De Frizz - Decent amount of de-frizz action, not majorly different to other serums and oils.
Moisture and Shine - Worked well on this front, 6 days on and my hair is still soft and shiny without having added any other products - this might be the argan oil?

In all honesty, I didn't have any major wow moments with these products. When is comes to taming frizz, they worked just as well as any other shampoo and serum that I've tried (with the exception of Mixed Chicks which is winning hands down at the moment). I may go back and grab the straightening cream and curling cream to see how they fare.

The major plus point though is the price, I picked up all 3 products in the pound shop. Will I be buying them again? At that price, hell yes! On second thoughts, I may run back and stock up whilst they're still there! 

Twisted Sista – From £1.00

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