No Pain, No Gain

Monday, 13 August 2012

I've always feared waxing. Ever since the time I sat apprehensively on the edge of my bed in the second year of uni armed with a leg waxing kit. It felt as though I had removed layers if skin. Obviously I hadn't but as you can image I've been put off waxing ever since. Favouring shaving and hair removal cream every time I didn't think I would ever again be allured by the sticky painful goo!
Fast forward 6 years later and the overwhelming urge to wax my eyebrows crept upon me. As I’ve written before, my curly eyebrows are the bane of my face and I’m always looking for new ways to calm them down. Enter Nads Eyebrow Wax

The whole experience really was no where near as painful as I remembered. In fact, the anticipation followed by a short sharp quick flick of pain was actually quite enjoyable. Hmmm – perhaps reading 50 Shades Of Grey has made an impression after all……….

And it worked pretty well check out the before and after shots.



To sum up, here’s what I thought of the product

  • Wax didn’t need warming up, just twist and go which is brilliant
  • Easy application tip – however I do wonder if a more flexible tip would be better
  • Cotton strips can be easily washed and reused - I'm all for recycling if it means I save money
  • Wax easily washed away if applied incorrectly
  • A tad expensive at £10.00 – let’s just see how long it lasts.
As a waxing novice I was pretty impressed with the overall result. 

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