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Saturday, 28 January 2012

I’ve never been a massive fan of The Body Shop. I’ve always respected their stance against cruelty to animals, for looking after the environment, and using natural ingredients. It goes without saying that they deserve a big hi 5 for being ahead of the pack in the fair trade game. But I've always found them to be a little over priced for my meagre budget.

I seem to, however, have stumbled across a little Body Shop obsession in the form of their spiced vanilla range. I am now the proud owner of the body butter, hand moisturiser and lip balm

Body Butter
This was the thing that started it all off, I was walking past The Body Shop on my lunch break and the sales assistant outside began seductively wafting it in front of me. Mmmm it smelled good. And as it was pay day AND it was half price, I thought – why not!

Functionality wise, it works as well as all Body Shop Body Butter’s. It's thick and luscious and I don't get dry elbows half way through the day. Perfect.

Hand cream
This is a decent hand cream, it's quite light so when my hands are suffering from a case of winter dryness I need something much thicker. However it's all about that spicy sugary vanilla scent. It's just nice to just slap a bit on when I'm sitting at my desk and breath in the aroma.
£4.00 currently on sale for £1.50

The Lip Balm
Now this is pretty special. The packaging calls it a balm but I would certainly call it a butter as it's so thick and creamy. I shunned my favourite free lip balm and used this badboy and nothing else for a full week. 7 days later my lips feel great, no peeling no dryness.  It has the bonus of the lush vanilla scent, but loses points for not tasting very nice. But I suppose, when all's said and done, that's not what it's for. Total thumbs up.
£4.00 currently on sale for £1.50

PS. My love of spiced vanilla goodies does not extend to the new Starbucks spiced vanilla latte. That is not a good drink. 

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