The Best Things In Life Are Free

Thursday, 12 January 2012

I’m a sucker for a freebie, it’s become a rather embarrasing running joke in my office that I’m the first one in line to get free stuff at any event or corporate gig we go to.

But I don’t care, I take it in my stride because in between the dodgy pens, unwanted mugs and random keyrings you always find a diamond in the rough. That 'something special' that makes lugging around a bag of plastic tat worth it.
At one of the last events I attended I came across this little beauty. A company selling keyboards were using it to promote their brand. Random.

This is hands down the best lip balm I have ever used. It has a beautiful smell as it contains coco butter and vanilla It’s the only thing I’ve used that doesn’t leave my lips dry and peeling after a momentary burst of moisture like many others do.

I’m not really in the business of spending 10s of pounds on something as simple as a lip balm so this is right up my street.

So take that you  Doubting Thomases – also I didn’t see anyone complaing when I was sourcing out the free champagne!

Only problem is – I have no idea what to do when it finishes L

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