New Nails

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

In the interests of staying true to my new look blog, I thought I'd kick of with a few new nail looks that I've been trying out lately.

The first was something that I was sort of forced to try. I was lucky enough to win a bottle of Orly nail varnish in a twitter competition. Orly is hands down my favorite brand of polish so you can imagine how chuffed I was.

When it arrived though, I wasn't as thrilled. I'd been sent Peachy Parrot from their new range and whilst it looked ok, I've never worn a metallic nail varnish in my life. But in the interests of trying something new, I slapped it on and hoped for the best.


Et voila, I actually quite like it. I think the colour complements my skin tone well and I quite like the metallic edge. Bang on trend for winter (or so the mags tell me).

The second look I tried out was this new nail foil trend. I'd been seeing people with nails that looked as though they'd been dipped in solid gold or silver and I thought, 'THAT is the metallic look for me!' I got down to bit a googling and high street walking and came across these in Boots.

My photographic skills will get better. I promise!
Now, this was my first attempt and I did find the process a bit tricky. I didn't manage to stretch the foils enough to eliminate all bubbling, but I think they looked kinda ok for my first go. Best thing about them was that I had them on for around 4 days. They probably would have lasted even longer, but I got a bit board and decided to remove them. Very good buy indeed

I'm a metallic nail convert!