Back To Basics

Monday, 24 October 2011

I’m not an addict, and I don’t claim to be a guru. The truth of the matter is, I only started wearing make up at the age of 18/19– a fact that’s completely laughable to my younger make-up toting sisters. By then, everyone I knew was a total pro – they knew what to wear and when to wear it whilst I struggled with art of applying eyeliner without poking myself in the eye.

When it comes to my hair, I’ve always been natural but have never really known what to do with my tightly wound curls that love nothing more than to role into a frizz ball – and I’m not talking cute afro here, I’m talking a veritable hot mess.* Right now I’m in a bit of a blow dry rut but deep down I’d love to rock my curls with pride.

So here I am, writing a blog to document my attempt to wade through a minefield of hair and beauty products in an attempt to find what works for me. I’m always tempted by new products but am usually held back from experimenting but am usually held back by one question. Will that work on my afro skin/hair? Which is probably just a bit of a cop out cause I’m a total a chicken! The plan? To find my staples, a core collection of lotions and potions that work for me, my hair, my skin, my shade.

Wish me luck!

*Quoted from the Europe hopping law student that is my best friend Fiona. Check out her blog from Maastricht (For people like me who don’t have a clue, Maastricht is in the south of Holland!)