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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

It's been a very VERY long time I know. However, let us not dwell on the past, lets look to the future - summer's here (sort of) and with is has arrived some deliciously summery nail varnish treats.

Nail varnish has taken the world by storm recently. I don't think there has been such a scrum for any particular shade since Chanel released Rouge-Noir back in 1994. With memories of the recession still binding our purses like a boa constrictor, fashionable cosmetics provide a way for women to treat themselves without the massive pangs of guilt than can come with an overspend. But enough with the psychology behind it all. Here are a few brands and shades that people have been going wild for.

Kicking off the renewal of our love for nail varnish is Chanel. They started off with Jade, a sell out shade that had most women green with envy over anyone who owned it. This minty hue first seen on the catwalk back in October '09 paved the way for a whole range of pastel type shades. Chanel's more recent addition to the pot is ParticuliƩre. A never seen before shade that brought with it a whole new noun -- 'greige' due to is grey-beige tones.

At £19 they're not cheap, but definitely worth it for an impulse buy when you want a bit of luxe at your fingertips.

Available from top beauty departments

Orly Professional were well ahead of the game this year with the release of their Sweet Collection. Made up of candy coloured powder blues, baby pinks and sunshine yellows, this range is perfect for summer and really suits darker skin tones. What's more, the bottles contain 18ml which is up to 50% more than an average bottle of polish.

Available from - £8.75

When Barry M came on the scene, they encouraged us to really go for it when it came to eye colour. They've now channelled the same colour loving energy into their new nail collection. Barry M's 50 shades have created a whole new spectrum bursting with pastel, primary, bold, neon and metallic shades. These beauties are only £2.95 a bottle – enough said.

Available from Superdrug.

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