My Saving Grace

Friday, 25 November 2011

I may be relatively naive when it comes to make up, however there are a few products that I know and love and will probably use them forever more. When it comes to skin care, my saving grace is St Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub. The packaging says that it should be used 3-4 times a week, however I use it most days as I have a tendency to have quite dry skin and it benefits from regular exfoliation.

I’ve tried other exfoliating face washes over the years– mainly when I was a poor student and didn’t want to stretch to £4.50 for a bottle of the good stuff– however nothing works as well. In times of hardship I’ve even been known to purchase a travel bottle the stuff and make it stretch until payday.

St Ives is the only one that’s got particles big enough to make it feel as though it’s actually doing something. I’ve used some seriously poor ones over time – I won’t name and shame – that feel as though they’ve barely scratched the surface.

Superdrug are currently doing buy one get one free on a range of St Ives goodies. You can get this offer in-store and online, so if you're a St Ives fan go stock up. I did yesterday!

Cheers to St Ives!

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