Amazing Shea Butter

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Shea butter is one of those magic ingredients that's included in a range of cosmetics. Known for its moisturising ability, this wonder ingredient is in my lipsticks, face creams and shower gels. So although I've used it plenty of times, I've never tried it in its purest form.

My mum introduced me to pure Shea butter and after trying it at her house, I had to buy some.

This particular butter is 'hand poured' and 'cold pressed' - two of my new favourite terms. Meaning it has retained as much of the goodness from the karite nut as possible. Shea butter is thick and can be grainy, however it does break down with a bit of manipulation and can be easily worked into the hair.

I personally love the scent, it's like a creamy coco nutty smell, however Mr BB and my sister hate it but they'r never right, so ignore them. At the moment I've been using it on its own to seal in moisture to the strands of my hair. However I may try mixing up some shea butter whips in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

Kuza 100% Shea Butter - £3.99 from Beauty Queens.

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