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Saturday, 13 April 2013

After a week of getting the tube every day, I always feel like my skin needs a deep cleanse over the weekend in order to recover. I’d been using a Body Shop clay mask for a while, which was good, however I’ve had it for a long time and it was starting to tingle a little too much when I put it on so I figured it was time to replace it.

Dr Organic is a range that’s mainly found in Holland and Barrett, seduced by their buy one get one half price offer, I picked up a Manuka Honey Face Mask and Facial Scrub. Manuka honey is one of those magic ingredients that seems to do everything. It's a natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and is also brilliant for restoring worn or damaged skin.

One thing I will write before I go on is that, despite the name, these products are not 100% Organic. The website states they use natural organic ingredients wherever possible so if you're looking for a pure organic product, you may want to check the labels to be sure. 

Face Mask
This is clay based, however itsn’t as thick as ones I’ve used before, that does mean that it’s really easy to apply and take off so I reckon it's a plus. The packet claims to draw oils from the skin, as well as ridding the skin surface of dead skin. My skin does feel clean and VERY soft afterwards, almost naturally soft as if my skin has been covered with a fine, but ultra smooth layer of plastic. 

The Facial Scrub
This is pretty good too. It contains a mixture of smaller, salt sized grains along with larger brown sugar sized ones.  I tend to use this a few times a week, mainly at night. I’m still using Dermalogicas Microfoliant as my daily morning face scrub. The product lists all sorts of crazy ingredients like volcanic lava, corn cob and ground fruit seeds as well s the expected manuka honey. You do get a very good clean using this face scrub, but again my skin felt so soft it was almost worrying.

Both products smell absolutely amazing, and the scents are naturally sourced so shouldn't be too harmful for those with sensitive skin. After a few uses, I've stopped questioning the super soft feeling and have grown to love it. It doesn't last all day, and you still need to moisturise, but it certainly makes you feel like you're doing your skin some good. 

Dr Organic Manuka Skincare - From £5.99


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