Foundation Brush

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

I'm a total sceptic when it comes to most things, especially when those things require me to spend money. I've always pooh-poohed the idea of needing a set of fancy make-up brushes and applicators to stick on some slap. I figured that the Good Lord gave me 10 fingers so that would do me just fine.

I don't wear foundation, I never have - but from time to time I do wear my BB cream when I'm after a more polished finish to my skin. Up until today, I've been applying my BB cream with my God-given digits, but after reading an article suggesting that I really should be using a brush I decided to give it a go.

Low and behold it actually made a difference. I felt like I got a more even coverage which blended in properly leaving me with a more even tone. I definitely use less than I normally would which is all good on the money saving/not clogging up my skin front. Not to mention I felt rather grown up and fancy using it (yes, I am aware of how ridiculous that sounds at the age of 26).

The bristles are soft but dense which seems good enough to me, but then I'm not really sure what a good foundation brush should feel like. Anyone care to enlighten me?

Foundation Brush - £3.99 Superdrug

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