#Natural Hair - Keracare Twist and Define Cream

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

I bought Keracare's Twist and Define Cream a while back. Endlessly on the hunt for products that can tame and define my curls, I came across this when I bought Keracare's Essentials Oils. The reason I haven't posted about it before now is because the first time I used the product it was disastrous.

I was so angry that I had spent over £8.00 on a useless product I threw it to the back of my dresser and forgot about it. I had washed my hair using my usual method - Organic Roots olive oil shampoo and conditioner. After towel drying my hair, I combed through some Keracare Twist and Define Cream and waited for the miracles to happen. Unsurprisingly, nothing good came from this. My hair dried naturally into a mass which, by the end of the day had doubled in volume and was breaking combs. My unrealistic dreams of 'wash and go' hair were completely shattered.

A few months on, after calming down, I was ready to try the product again - this time following the instruction which are (in my own words)

For best results apply to wet hair, then twist into desired style. For twist outs, wait until hair is completely dry then remove twists and style with fingers

I washed and conditioned my hair using Tresemmes Keratin range. I thought this would be the perfect thing to test the wonders of Keracare because - as I mentioned in my post - the Tresemme range made my curls REALLY tight. I figured if Keracare could make something manageable out of if then there may well be something to shout about.

After washing and conditioning, I sectioned the hair, applied the cream then proceeded to cainrow each section - I'm too lazy to do a head full of twists - and went to bed . The cream itself is quite quite gelatanous, more of a gel than a cream. It does feel as if it's sitting on your hair rather than sinking in which is a bit odd. By morning my hair was completely dry and the cream was fully asborbed. I removed the plaits to reveal a set of defined, non frizzy curls. A friend even commented on my hair looking much curlier

The combination of the Tresseme and the Keracare meant my curls were tighter and had more body than other methods I've used, which is fine by me. It's all about versatility!

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