Nude Tights For Black Skin

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

I'm very much a skirt/dress wearer so when it comes to winter opaque tights in black, grey and blue are my daytime staples.

However there comes a time (or an outfit) when bare legs look best. I've got a lovely delicate laces dress midi dress from Asos which I'm wearing to an event this weekend and black opaques just didn't look right when I tried it on - and so the hunt for nude tights begun.

I really don't know why finding nude tights is such a chore! Last year Debenhams came up with a range of 'invisible' tights which are meant to work for all skin shades. They got loads of press coverage and were hailed as the next big thing in tights for black and Asian women. Obviously not big enough as one year on and the tights are nowhere to be seen.

After scouring the high-street (I didn't want to trust picking a shade online) I settled on Bare Gold from Aristoc. They're not tailored for darker skin tones, but I reckon they work....kinda.

The do have glossy shine them that I could have done without, but they claim to be finished with silk to keep your legs feeling soft which is a bonus.

Aristoc Bare Gold - £6 from Debenhams

These will do for now. Anyone have any brands that they swear by? If you do, please share!

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