Rose Gold Nails

Monday, 26 November 2012

I've been searching the web for a purse friendly rose gold nail varnish for a while. Not really sure why, I just conjured up the idea that it would look nice and I was determined to find one.

I didn't have much luck until I spied a friends nails at work and she told me to head on down to Topshop, so I did. I hadn't paid much attention to their beauty range before but if your after a slightly unusual nail colour you should check them out. They had a few rose gold tones - some matte some with a glittery finish and the one I chose which has a metallic foil look to it.

Suffuse from Topshop - £6

Pictured with two coats


  1. Lovely post, loving the gold. You have a lovely blog. We should follow each other, let me know. -

  2. Over the weekend, I also painted my nails a little crazier than I usually do. It is my first attempt at doing somewhat edgy nail art at home (as opposed to having it done professionally), and I really love the way it came out! It's not too extreme, but still unique and cool! I love the color combo too. It's like wearing jewelry on your nails.


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