Free BadGal Lash Mascara!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The kind folks at Glamour magazine are giving away free Benefit products with each July issue of their mag - I think there are around four different products to choose from.

I opted for the BadGal Lash mascara as I needed a new mascara anyway and I wasn't too sure which one to buy.

The mascara brush is really thick and the bristles are quite dense. I found it great for thickening my lashes, but no so great for lengthening them.


It's cool enough for a daytime look as it makes my lashes look naturally thick, I'll probably use it for work/daytime outings. But truthfully, I prefer mascaras that give me a little more length than this one. I had to go over the tips a few times just to achieve this minimal amount of extra length. 

Not bad, not great, probably not getting my £16.50

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