Beautiful Maastricht

Friday, 1 June 2012

I recently went to visit a friend of mine who is studying for a Masters degree in Maastricht (south of the Netherlands). Firstly, I have to say just how beautiful this town is. I'm talking built on a river, cobbled streets amazing outdoor space, everything is in walking distance kind of beautiful.

And whilst wondering the streets of Maastricht I came across this gorgeous little discovery. H&M Beauty. Now the name was a little decieving as the front of the store was loaded with lingerie and bikinis. However, as I wondered towards to back I found a section dedicated to beauty finds.

They had rows and rows of make-up brushes and an amazing selection of nail varnishes and eyeshadows. I scooped up two shades of polish that I'd been struggling to find in the UK for my meagre budget. Orange, €3.95 and Grey, €1.00 (on sale)

I also grabbed a duo gold/bronze eyeshadow palette for €3.95 that worked well for creating a gold smokyish effect later that evening.

I ♥ Maastricht

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