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Thursday, 19 April 2012

So here’s how it happened. I was on my way to work one fine Wednesday morning when I realised I missed out an important stage of my skin care routine – moisturising. I’d used my Clinque Clarifying Lotion, and then stepped out of the house with bare skin. As you can imagine, in this crisp spring weather my skin soon felt like a sheet of sandpaper. So enroute to the station, I nipped in Superdrug where I was planning to buy a cheapish moisturiser that I could keep on my desk at work for further acts of stupidy.

Low and behold, Garniers BB Cream was just sitting on the shelf staring at me. I've been intrigued by BB creams since they came out but I didn't think that any of them on the market would work on black skin. A few of my friends of a paler persuasion had tried them and loved them, but I wasn't sure. 

I tested out the medium shade on the back of my hand and it seemed to blend in well without leaving my skin with an ashy grey complexion. I was presently surprised, I needed to moisturise and it was on offer, so I thought what the hell.

I have never ever worn a foundation and to be honest I don’t ever plan on wearing one. But this, I could get used to.

Here are my major plus points
  • It definitely moisturised my skin
  • It contains an SPF with is always good
  • It blended in well – didn’t leave me looking grey
The negatives
  • I didn’t see that ‘glow’ that other bloggers talk about. If anything I found it more matifiying. Maybe if they bring out the product in ‘dark’ I would get more a glow from it…..

I definitely feel like it’s provided me with a more even base and it doesn’t look as if I’ve got anything on my face. I also feel like it has helped to calm down some of the redder parts of my skin – or maybe it’s just the hype talking!

Either way, I think I’ll be using it again. Maybe not every day but definitely when I’m after that fresh faced look.

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