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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Last week I got a delightful little text message informing me that my coveted Revlon Lip Butters had arrived. So without further adieu, here's my verdict.

Love them!

I was surprised at how long the colour lasted. The only problem with these lipstic-balm hybrids is that in interest of making them super soft, the colour doesn't tend to last that long.

These lip butters however really do have staying power - and yes that is at the detriment of added moisture, but the Lip Butters in themselves are not at all drying. So you basically get the feeling of an average lip balm with a really smooth colour.

The main tick for me was that when the colour does begin to fade, it does so evenly so you're not left with that awful lipstick line around the edge of your pout. We've all been there.

The Candy Apple (on the left) is definitely a great every day colour for me, especially with the weather getting warmer. The Raspberry Pie is a beautiful colour, but it's a little more bold so that's definitely on reserve for evening wear.

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