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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Arbonne Concealer - £11.70

I was sent a lovely big package from the people at Arbonne recently. Arbonne is a skin care company with a range of products based on botanical principles. They've created some innovative way to extract all the goodness from plants and minerals and perfectly preserve them in beauty products for you and I!

I tried out a great cream to powder concealer that can easily be applied with a sponge or with the fingertips. They currently only have 4 shades and are only available online but the pictures do paint a true image of how the colour will come out. It contains extract of ginseng root, buckwheat seed and vitamin A C and E.

All this fancy pants technology means it's really good to your skin, and at £11.70 it's a touch cheaper than a previously favoured brand (begins with M ends with AC)

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