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Monday, 14 December 2009

Mixed Chicks

Mixed Chicks is a range of products for...... you guessed it, Mixed Chicks. Despite not actually being 'mixed' myself, I was stopped at the Salon International hair show this year and told that I should try it out to tame and define my tight natural curls (dare I say I was a little embarrased)

After a brief chat with Lawyer Girl about whether or not the name was illegal or just a little bit un-pc, I decided to try it out.

The whole range smells gorgeous, definitely the most scrumptious set that I've smelt for a while. The shampoo and conditioner worked well. They don't seem to do much in the way of detangling so combing the conditioner through was a bit of a chore. The star of the three however was the leave in conditioner. Run through towel dried hair to lose the frizz and add shine and definition even to tight curls like mine. Unlike some curl products out there this one definitely won't have people singing ' Just let your soooouuuuul glow baby feeling oh so silky smooth' at you in the street. This leave in conditioner has firmly carved a space on my hair essentials shelf.

So my mixed chick/bi-racial/dual heritage (or whatever you're supposed to say nowadays) friends, try it out and as the packaging says. 'Define your curls, not your race!'

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