Going Nude

Saturday, 16 June 2012

I've been using this product every day for the last 3 weeks straight. I thought it was high time I did a long review of something to see if my opinion would change after the first couple of tries, cause to be honest sometimes the childish joy of having something new can cloud ones judgement!

Against my skin tone the colour is a pretty sheer peach tone. It has a really nice sheen to it, a little bit glossy but not at all sticky and after two weeks of use it hasn't left my lips rough or peeling as some  'lip balms' do.

After two weeks there was not that much of the stick left - not sure if that's due to me being a little bit addicted to it or whether they didn't really give me that much in the first place.

I reckon they're a little bit stingy but at £4.49, if I go through one a month - I don't think that's too bad.

I think I've found a new staple.

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