Now You See it, Now You DON'T

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Clinique Almost Lipstick is ok. I like the theory behind it, a super soft lipstick with a hint of colour. I thought it would be perfect to wear at work when I feel like a splash of pigment but don’t want to look as if I’ve come ready for the latest edition of Dancehall Queen.

In practice it didn’t work so well. The pinky red shades that I was drawn to are so sheer that on darker skin tones you only get the slightest touch of colour. I obviously temporarily lost my mind in the shop and bought the shade Flirty Honey anyway. I thought I could be in control and layer it up to achieve a more intense colour.

I was wrong. Some of my friends have said that it doesn’t look as though I’m wearing anything when I have it on. Bummer.  

On a positive note, it is extremely moisturising and leaves your lips silky smooth. I tend to use it over a more intense lip colour to add a creamy finish - especially my really dry matt lipsticks. That said £16.00 is quite a lot to pay for a lip balm.

Not sure if I’ll be buying this one again. 

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