Thursday, 28 January 2010

Orissa Cosmetics

Launched in January 2009 Orissa Cosmetics wanted to fill the gap in the market for woman with darker skin tones. Now one year on the company is still going strong, and I had the pleasure of trying out some of their great products. Everything is mineral based and contains a natural SPF 15-30 – which is a pretty good start. They have six shades of foundations, from a honey hue to an ebony tone, along with blushers, eye shadows and lip glosses.

I tried the honey foundation, the deep plum blusher, and the amethyst eye shadow (which has a really nice sparkle to it!). The packaging is pretty and I love the logo, their colours are beautiful and application easy with either brush or finger. But what I really liked about this brand is the lightness of the products. Perfect for every day wear as the makeup can be applied really subtly to achieve that, ‘I just wake up perfect’ look that we all crave.

As they celebrate their 1st birthday Orissa are giving a little something back to customers old and new with a 10% discount. Just enter the code ‘birthday’ at the checkout.


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